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Marc Loranger
Marc Loranger (Age: 46)
Montreal, CA

Hello and welcome to GDICoop, my name is Marc Loranger, Montreal, CA. I am a GDI Super Sponsor.

GDI is the most fabulous opportunity since 1999, at GDI Coop  every member helps each other to build their GDI downline.

In order to benefit from our offer, you first need to be a GDI Member.

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What is GDI Coop?

The GDI Coop is a 7 day Free trial advertising co-op for GDI members open to everyone - no matter who is your sponsor in GDI. You can join the GDI advertising Co-op without rejoining or changing just about anything you are currently doing!

As a GDI Coop member you get your own GDI rotator to help you to advertise for you and your GDI team through the co-op. That's right... for a 7 day Free trial, you have access to all our tools to promote your, and your GDI downline user name all at the same time !

You are also responsible of your advertisement to your GDICoop affiliate link, you can use all our tools outlined in the Advertisement & Training page.

But... what is GDI ?

What company has 500 Million Customers and a A Multi-Billion Dollar Market? Global Domains International .. also known as GDI for short. You can join the top GDI team right here, right now, today.

Currently there are around 60 million domain names registered globally. Industry experts are predicting that in the next ten years, more than 500 MILLION domain names and web sites will be active annually.

Imagine if YOU could get a piece of this multi-billion dollar per year global market, which will include ongoing annual domain renewals AND the web based services utilized with each domain name. Most of the good .com domains are already taken, but the .ws "Web Site" domain Registry (GDI) has an unbelievable amount of the very best names still available, and only GDI offers the opportunity for YOU to benefit from the enormous residual revenues being generated. And, yes, you can still register a .com domain name if that is what you want and the domain name is available. There are PLENTLY of great .com domain names available!

This is what you need to do.... Join GDI for $10 a month. You will receive a domain name of your choice, pre-made promotional tools, a 10 page website with a free site builder and the ability to earn an extra or full time income from home. Use your website to refer members into GDI, to market any other business you have, personal blogging, photos... any way you choose. It's YOUR personal website to the world! Refer others to GDI and get paid everytime someone joins you in GDI and remains active.

Today, we are offering you a 7 day Free trial so you can check it out to see how great it really is with no obligation.

Click on any GDI link or the Big Red Button to learn more about it  and join GDI today and start your 7 day Free trial towards financial independence!


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Can I make more money with the co-op?

Yes you can, if you upgrade your GDICoop account to Premium, but this is only available for active GDICoop members. In other words, you first need to sign-up to the co-op for a 7 day Free trial !

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After you are a GDI Coop member you have the option to upgrade to Premium

After logging into your GDI Coop affiliate panel, you'll see the Premium tab, click on it and you are on your way to getting more hits to your affiliate link and make more money !

Because we understand that you maybe have family obligation and still have a daily J.O.B. being a Premium member will  takes the pressure off  you so you can enjoy doing the other things you like or you need to do.. We will add your GDI Coop link in our rotators regardless of your own activity.

But remember, the more you advertise yourself, then the better results you will have.


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